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The International Meeting Place


Gary Van Zante

MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA, USA

Gary Van Zante is curator at the MIT Museum responsible for architecture, design and photography collections, and for the Kurtz Gallery for Photography. He has curated or co-curated exhibitions ranging from daguerreotype portraiture to the scientific photography of Berenice Abbott, and a range of shows on recent urban and place photography by Italian, Swiss, French, German, British, and American photographers including Gabrielle Basilico, Joël Tettamanti, Cervin Robinson, Michele Nastasi, Angus Boulton and Patrick Tournebouef. He is the author of Public and Private: East Germany in Photographs by Ulrich Wüst (London, 2017) and a study of nineteenth century urban photography, New Orleans 1867: Photographs by Theodore Lilienthal (London, 2008).

Session Three

The International Meeting Place

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