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The International Meeting Place


Paloma Shutes

Photo Editor
The California Sunday Magazine, San Francisco, CA, USA

Paloma Shutesis the Photo Editor at The California Sunday Magazine. Previously, she worked in the photo departments at Wired and GQ, where she commissioned photography recognized by the Society of Publication Designers and American Photography. She spent the past two years developing brand photography for various Bay Area tech companies.

Shutes is interested in seeing a range of photography genres (fine art, photojournalism, portraiture, travel, still life) and multi-media projects. She can offer feedback and advice from an editorial perspective on editing and sequencing works-in-progress and creating a cohesive presentation of a finished body of work intended for publication. She is on the lookout for unpublished works in progress or finished series. It’s not just about beautiful photos — they need to have a sense of story and a bit of a journalistic hook to them.

The California Sunday's general art guidelines are:

  • Work ideally should be set in California, the West, Asia, or Latin America.
  • We’re interested in a wide range of topics: social issues, science, art, entertainment, politics, cultural phenomena, business, sports, technology, food, the environment, design, agriculture, music, fascinating personalities, etc.
  • Photo essays can be big and sweeping and urgent, or they can be small, local curiosities.
  • If you have a photo essay that includes recorded audio – or a photo essay that might pair well with sound – let us know. We can consider this for web and app versions. Note that sound must be broadcast quality.
  • We occasionally publish excerpts from forthcoming books.
  • We are very open to experiments.
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The International Meeting Place

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