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The International Meeting Place


James Pearson

Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, FL, USA

As the director of the Southeast Museum of Photography at Daytona State College in Central Florida, James Pearson utilizes his extensive experience in the curation and coordination of art exhibitions to enhance educational and research engagements.

Previously, as the curator of the Wright Museum of Art, Pearson emphasized a break from traditional modes of exhibition and from the gallery model. His recent work includes retrospectives of work by international photographers such as Roger Ballen and Arno Minkkinen, collections-based ethnographies through historic photographic processes, and multiple projects that question the historicism of the photographic medium.

Pearson is most interested in viewing images bonded by a strong conceptual grounding; specifically investigations into what is or could be construed as a millennial zeitgeist. Other projects of interest include images that challenge the social normative structure, laying bare the system that works to keep groups of people underrepresented—particularly in photography the medium, and the industry—decolonizing photography and photographic processes, and images that question, refine, or investigate identity. Pearson can help to refine concept, point photographers in directions they had not considered as avenues to strengthen their work, and can connect photographers to other like-minded artists. Pearson is not interested in viewing exhibition proposals, but will consider photographers whose work aligns with his interests for future engagements.

Session Three

The International Meeting Place

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