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The International Meeting Place


Nathaniel M. Stein

Associate Curator of Photography
Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Nathaniel M. Stein is the curator of photography at the Cincinnati Art Museum. He has published and organized exhibitions on internationally established and emerging contemporary photographers from South Asia, Europe, continental North America, and the Caribbean. Prior to arriving in Cincinnati, Stein held curatorial positions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, and the RISD Museum.

Stein has taught the history of photography, film, and modern and contemporary art at the Rhode Island School of Design, Arcadia University, and Brown University. He earned his MA and PhD from Brown University and an undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University. His doctoral research was about photography in nineteenth-century India.

He is especially interested in bodies of work that are innovative and conceptually cohesive, whether in traditional or non-traditional photographic media. He appreciates speaking with photographers who are thoughtful about the role of craft and materiality in their work (even if the work is deskilled or dematerialized). He is not currently interested in classic nature photography or nudes, commercial photography, or photojournalistic projects—unless a photographer is offering critical insight on or a new approach to these traditions. He can offer conversation based on critical questions, insight into the museum curatorial process, and the potential for inclusion in future projects.

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The International Meeting Place

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