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The International Meeting Place


Jae-hyun Seok

Independent Curator & Editor
Photo Dot Magazine, Seoul, Korea

Jae-hyun Seok was born in Daegu, Korea, where he built part of his career. He completed his graduate studies in the United States at Ohio University, majoring in Visual Communication. His career can be summarized as a photographer, professor, and curator. His experience from working as a freelancer photographer—for New York Times, International Herald Tribune, and Korean GEO—in the past has brought him where he is now.

In 2006, Seok co-organized a major Korean photo festival called Daegu Photo Biennale. He has curated many international exhibitions, including Imaging Asia in Documents, which featured 33 photographers from around the world and took place during the very first Daegu Photo Biennale. In addition, he curated Women in War (Daegu Photo Biennale, 2014); Dream and Reality (DIPE, Dali, China, 2011, 2013 & 2015); ON KOREA (Istanbul, Turkey, 2013); Blooming Silk Road (Seoul, Korea, 2014); Eye of Istanbul—Ara Guler (Seoul Photography Museum, 2015); and IMAGING KOREA (traveling exhibition in 7 countries in Europe, 2016-2017). For his work in China in 2015, he received the Best Curator Award from DIPE.

Seok has also continued to do independent works. After recently profiling 30 established photographers from various countries in VON photography magazine, he assumed the position of Associate Editor for Photo Dot magazine in Korea. Concurrently, he is working as a director of Korea Photography Content Institute, established in 2014.

Seok has always been drawn to works that tell a unique story, whether they be documentary or fine art photography. Hence, he is not interested in reviewing commercial photography or digitally manipulated images that lack concept. Because he is both an editor and a curator, he offers professional advice on projects in progress—how to complete or improve works as well as suggestions on presenting and promoting the finished projects. At the moment, he is looking for potential works for publishing in magazines and for exhibitions in Korea.

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The International Meeting Place

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