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Christopher Rauschenberg

Co-Founder, Co-Curator and Board Chair, Exhibition Committee
Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA

Christopher Rauschenberg is co-curator and board chairman of Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Blue Sky was established in 1975 by Mr. Rauschenberg and 4 other photographers. Since then, Mr. Rauschenberg has co-curated 828 solo exhibitions by 706 different artists. Mr. Rauschenberg has been a photographer since 1973 and has had 118 solo shows of his own work in eight countries.

Blue Sky Gallery is a non-profit artists' space which produces 24 solo exhibitions per year and an occasional group show every couple of years or so. It produces an annual yearbook that features 6 images from each show. Over the last 3 years, Blue Sky has produced 84 print-on-demand catalogs for our exhibiting artists. The gallery's focus and passion is on promoting emerging artists. Since 2004, it has presented solo shows by 104 photographers from FotoFest, plus 60 more from Photolucida, Arles, Rhubarb Rhubarb, Bratislava, Brasilia, Santa Fe, Mannheim, Montreal, Photo Alliance and Photo Nola. Blue Sky has presented solo shows by artists from 46 countries.

While Mr. Rauschenberg likes to look at everything, Blue Sky does not tend to exhibit fashion or classic nudes, traditional portraits and scenic photography (in the style of Edward Weston or Ansel Adams, for example). The many landscape and portrait exhibitions the gallery presents tend to have strong documentary and sociological content. As with all FotoFest reviewers, you should look at our website to see if you and the gallery are a good match. Bear in mind that we are looking for coherent bodies of work, rather than isolated great pictures.

Blue Sky is also looking for artists from Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon for our Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers. The Drawers exhibit up to 800 prints by up to 80 regional photographers. They are re-curated annually by guest curators.

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The International Meeting Place

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