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The International Meeting Place


Alison Nordström

Independent Curator
Cambridge, MA, USA

Alison Nordström is an independent scholar, writer, and curator based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specializing in historical and contemporary photographs of all kinds. Formerly the Director and Senior Curator of the Southeast Museum of Photography (Florida), and Senior Curator of Photographs/Director of Exhibitions at George Eastman House (New York). She has authored over 100 published books and essays on photographic topics, and has curated over 100 photographic exhibitions in nine countries.

Currently the Curator for International Programs at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Nordström is also a visiting scholar in photography at Lesley University, and the Photo & Video Editor for the Journal of Florida Studies. She has recently served as Artistic Director of Fotofestiwal Lodz, in Poland, and is an exhibition curator for the Hamburg Triennial, taking place in Germany in 2018. She is a portfolio reviewer at festivals and other events around the world, and her discoveries have led to scores of exhibitions and publications. A popular speaker, she regularly participates in lectures, public programs and academic symposia. She holds the PhD in Cultural and Visual Studies from the Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Nordström’s photographic interests are wide, and she will happily review documentary projects, conceptual work of all kinds, photo essays, book dummies (especially unpublished first books), work that has political content, work smaller than 8X10, work from outside the USA, and work in progress. She is generally not interested in nudes, infrared, polacolor transfers, or commercial work (except photojournalism).

Her reviews are good sources for objective critique and a serious interrogation of the work presented. In addition to image content and ideas, she can address issues of editing, sequence, design and presentation. She can also discuss career next steps, publications, international connections, and exhibition development for galleries and museums, and can befriend, amuse, encourage, advise, question, challenge, recommend, champion, and put things into perspective.

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The International Meeting Place

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