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The International Meeting Place


Ute Noll

UNO ART SPACE, Stuttgart, Germany
DU Magazin, Zürich, Switzerland

Ute Noll works internationally in the broad field of photography as photo director, editor, publisher, curator, author, and university lecturer. She offers her extensive expertise and her long-term experience under the one roof of her project agency ON PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION, based in Stuttgart. At her gallery, UNO ART SPACE, Noll focuses on international photography. She earned an M.A. in sociology, and also studied visual sociology, photography, video, and video editing.

Noll founded UNO ART SPACE in Stuttgart in 2007. Since then, Noll has mounted about 40 exhibitions of work by international photographers, including Fotofest discoveries such as Bennie Flores Ansell, Susan Barnett, Françoise and Daniel Cartier, Max de Esteban, Kyohei Abe, Nancy Newberry, Cynthia Greig, and Mimi Youn. In 2017, UNO ART SPACE was presented at the New Discovery Award at Les Rencontres de la Photographie Arles with Norman Behrendt's work Brave New Turkey, curated by Markus Hartmann of Hartmann Projects

Since 2013, Noll has been the photo director of Du Magazin, Zürich, where she is responsible for putting together the entire magazine. She has developed portfolio formats for various magazines since 1999, most recently for the newly established Frankfurter Rundschau magazine FR7 in 2017, and she regularly writes for publications such as Photonews, FR7, and Du Magazin. She has been a festival curator as part of the Darmstadt Tage der Fotografie team since its inception in 2004. She is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld (formerly Dortmund) since 2009. She has been a judge for recent competitions, including Lianzhou Punctum Photography Award & Jury Special Prize (2016); Unicef Photo of the Year Award (2017); and Swiss Press Photo (2018); and has been invited to numerous international festivals as a portfolio reviewer since 2001.

With her diverse background, Ute Noll can offer profound, individual and in-depth feedback for completed projects as well as for works in progress. If appropriate, small working prints would work best for her. Digital presentations and book formats are less effective for reviewing work, and she is not interested in seeing commercial, nude or landscape photography. She is most interested in fresh and contemporary approaches, documentary photography, and fine art, and prefers work that is strong in concept or narrative and in execution. If appropriate, she can consider work for exhibitions, gallery shows and publications. However, she makes no commitments during the reviews, but comes back to these artists later.

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The International Meeting Place

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