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The International Meeting Place


Stephen Cohen

Private Dealer of Photographs and Related Books
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Stephen Cohen earned a BFA photography, sculpture and theater at Brooklyn College. He earned his MFA in filmmaking at USC in the early 1970’s and spent several years working in local film production. During this time he began to produce oral histories for the Directors Guild of America (1950’s TV Directors who moved into Films); the American Film Institute (Samuel Arkoff & early 1900’s Independent filmmaker and photographer, Norman O. Dawn); and an oral history on the Hollywood Blacklist for the Writers Guild of America.

Mr. Cohen returned to photography selling parts of his large collection of photography books, expanded to selling and brokering prints for many New York and Los Angeles dealers and collectors. Seeing that there was a large population of underserved museums, curators and collectors all across America and he began selling photographs on twice-yearly cross-country trips.

In January 1992 he created and organized three-day photography exposition in Los Angeles: photo L.A. Two months later he opened his first gallery in the heart of the Beverly /La Brea Arts district. The following year he produced photo Santa Fe. In 1998 he presented the first vernacular photo fair in New York City. It was an instant success, drawing an impressive crowd of influential dealers and collectors who, like Mr. Cohen, were at the forefront of the vernacular photography movement. After seven years, in 2000, photo Santa Fe ended and photo san Francisco opened and ran for seven years. He also created and produced Photo NY in 2003; artLA in 2005 and PhotoMiami in 2006.

From 2005 to 2009 Cohen Amador Gallery in NYC showcased contemporary and vintage photography. In 2016 Mr. Cohen closed his Los Angeles gallery after 25 years and is now a private dealer of photographs and related books. He is also a consultant to collectors and photographers.

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The International Meeting Place

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