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The International Meeting Place


Evgeny Berezner

PhotoVisa International Festival of Photography, Krasnodar, Russia

Evgeny Berezner has been a head of PhotoVisa International Festival of Photography, Krasnodar, Russia since 2010. From 2011—2015, he was also a head of “In Support of Photography in Russia,” a project run by the Iris Foundation and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow.

Berezner has curated over 250 exhibitions of contemporary and classical Russian and foreign photography, in Russia and in other countries. He has published essays on photography in many Russian and international magazines, albums, and books. He has lectured on photography in Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. He has been a reviewer at international portfolio reviews held in Berlin; Bratislava, Slovakia; Buenos Aires; Houston, Texas; Krasnodar, Russia; Madrid; Moscow; Paris; and Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 2017, Berezner was chairman of the final jury for the contest for new photobook dummies as part of PHOTOBOOKFEST, organized by the Lumière Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow.

In 2011, Berezner led the Russian side of the curatorial group that presented the first International Portfolio Review for Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian Photographers, in collaboration with FotoFest International. It took place at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, Russia. In 2012, with the same group of curators, he realized the Contemporary Russian Photography exhibitions for FotoFest International’s Fourteenth Biennial of Photography and Photo-Related Art in Houston.

Berezner is interested in all kinds, genres, and schools of photography, including photography-based art. However, he is not interested in commercial portfolios. He is able to offer participation in the projects that he has founded and curated to artists whose work he finds interesting.

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The International Meeting Place

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