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The International Meeting Place


Aron Mörel

Mörel Books, London, UK

Aron Mörel is the founder of Mörel Books. Established in 2009, Mörel Books specializes in limited edition art books.

Working with both established and emerging artists is an important aspect of Mörel's output, publishing the likes of Boris Mikhailov, Thomas Ruff, and Corinne Day, as well as Marie Angeletti, Alix Marie, and Lucas Blalock. 

Seeing the book as the final stage in an artist's project, Mörel puts emphasis on the artist’s ability to be fully involved in the development and design of the book. In some cases, he has other artists design covers, including George Condo, Rene Ricard and Pablo Ferro. When relevant, texts also play a crucial role in the book, with writers including Glenn O’Brien, Simon Baker, David Company, and Adrian Searle having contributed to books.

Session One

The International Meeting Place

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