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The International Meeting Place


Allie Haeusslein

Associate Director
Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco, CA, USA

Allie Haeusslein is the Associate Director of Pier 24 Photography in San Francisco, the largest space in the world dedicated to photography. Haeusslein is involved in all facets of the organization’s operations including exhibitions, publications, and public programs. Her writing has appeared in publications such asApertureART21 Magazine, and DailyServing. She contributed one of the two essays for Chris McCaw’s 2012 monograph, Sunburn. Her interview with Meghann Riepenhoff appeared in the 2015 catalogue, Littoral Drift. In 2015, she curated the group exhibition The Return to Reason at Gallery Wendi Norris, marking the gallery’s first significant examination of the photographic medium. This year, she curated the central exhibition at the inaugural edition of PHOTOFAIRS SF, focusing on contemporary approaches to the Western landscape by photographers based primarily in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Haeusslein is interested in seeing developed, cohesive bodies of work with strong conceptual underpinnings. She would prefer to see physical prints—at their desired scale where possible—as opposed to viewing images on screens. Given her work on Pier 24 Photography’s publications, she can discuss and help identify the ways in which deliberate editing and sequencing can strengthen photobook projects in process. She can offer guidance for photographers with exhibition and book projects still in their development phase, and offer suggestions as to venues for presenting and promoting finished projects.

She is not interested in meeting with photographers whose singular goal is to have their work represented in Pier 24 Photography’s collection, nor is she interested in reviewing fashion, traditional documentary, classical nudes and landscapes or commercial work. 

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The International Meeting Place

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