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The International Meeting Place


Enrique Guerrero

Owner & Director
Galería Enrique Guerrero, Mexico City, Mexico; guerrero-projects, Houston, TX, USA

Enrique Guerrero began his first solo project, Galería Enrique Guerrero, in 1997 after several collaborations with major art institutions in Mexico. Since its opening, he has boosted the careers of renowned artists in Mexico and Latin America, such as Pedro Reyes, Teresa Margolles, Santiago Sierra, among others; and brought exhibitions of work by Nobuyoshi Araki and Robert Mapplethorpe to Mexico for the first time. Recently, he opened guerrero-projects, a space in Houston, TX, furthering his dedication to promoting the careers of young artists. He has also served on the selection committee at Zona MACO, ArtBo, SUMMA, and Art Chicago. 

Guerrero is most interested in reviewing photography that relates to contemporary art processes, with strong correlation between production and concept, and a differentiated logic of the decisive moment. He is not interested in work in which the conceptual interest and production is not contemporary. As a gallery owner, he brings 20 years of experience in seeing photography around the world, and can advise on the best ways to promote work within the art market. 

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The International Meeting Place

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