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The International Meeting Place


David Drake

Ffotogallery, Cardiff, Wales
Diffusion: Cardiff International Festival of Photography

David Drake is the Director of Ffotogallery, the national development agency for photography and lens-based media in Wales. Ffotogallery’s work is outward looking, with an exhibition and publishing program featuring artists from the UK and the rest of the world. Ffotogallery widens its range of influence through gallery presentations and touring exhibitions, print and online publishing, collaborations with other organizations and galleries, artist commissions and residencies, and an extensive education program. Ffotogallery is also the lead agency for a pan-European co-operation project called European Prospects.

Drake initiated and is the current Director of the large-scale biennial event Diffusion - Cardiff International Festival of Photography, which has completed three editions. In 2015, he was Project Director for Wales in Venice, the Wales Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 56th International Art Exhibition. In 2017/18, Ffotogallery is collaborating with Delhi Photo Festival and the Nazar Foundation on a yearlong project called Dreamtigers, as part of the UK-India program to mark the 70th anniversary of Indian independence.

As a portfolio reviewer, David Drake offers participants curatorial feedback and guidance on how to present their work to galleries and publishers (including Ffotogallery), how to pitch for art commissions, and advice on their development as a professional artist. He is most interested in viewing cohesive bodies of work with conceptually driven themes that have been or are near completion. He welcomes reviewing contemporary image-based work across a wide range of practices, including fine art and documentary photography, video, installation and digital media work. As Ffotogallery does not present purely commercial, fashion or stock photography, he would prefer not to review such work. 

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The International Meeting Place

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