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The International Meeting Place


Lihui Bao

Art Director
Dali International Photography Exhibition, Dali, China

Lihui Bao began his career as a photojournalist in 1989. He helped found the Kunming City Times, afterward becoming the newspaper’s director of photography. He also spent time as head of the photography department at City Shibao, and at Spring City Evening News. Most recently, as co-founder and art director of the Dali International Photography Exhibition, Mr. Bao organized six successful iterations of the festival and helped it become one of the most influential photography events in China.

Mr. Bao established the first high-end photography magazine in China, MINO PHOTO, and works to bring Chinese photography to his communities by leading cultural public projects such as the Mino M60 Creative Park, KCC Mino, Huizhou 38 Creative Park, and Mino Art Center. He serves as a board or committee member of a number of nationnal photography associations in China, including the Yunnan Photographers Association, Yunnan Press Photography Society, the China Photographers Association Curators Committee, and the Chinese Press Photography Society.

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The International Meeting Place

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